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Wesley Bowers is a creative. Wesley paints, draws, sings, composes, designs... eventually starting Wesley Bowers Creative (WBC), formerly known as Wesley Bowers Design (and WBD Photography), as an outlet that would encompass their full creative spectrum.  Through WBC, Wesley offers goods and services, as well as a place to showcase varied talents.


From an early age, Wesley has been enamoured with the creative process, often  singing, and creating art, prose and music. Among the various works are jewelry, artwork and design, photography, and audio and music.

Musically, Wesley Bowers is known as Ethyn Nyhte, and monomously Ethyn, though has also gone by the monikers AQUAvine, and METRØFØX. All music is placed under their Pseudo-label, Neon Moss Records.

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