• Wesley B

1. Night Sweats

Updated: Jul 12

Jill opens her eyes in a flutter. Her heart races and the beaded sweat starts to trickle down her skin. Another night sweat… She calms herself by taking deep breaths. She wipes the sweat from her brow and peels the covers from her body. She forces herself out of the bed and pulls open the shutters. The early morning light starts to flood the room in a soft glow.

She rubs the sleep out of her eyes and walks toward the dresser. She finds some undergarments and slips them on. A bit of stretching will do me good, she thinks. Afterwards, she slides on a pair of cerulean blue jogging tights and a loose powder-pink short sleeve tee. She grabs a pair of gray joggers. She quietly exits the home and goes on a jog. The cool, crisp air tingles her face as she starts her motion. She crosses the street and lightly runs onto the trail leading into the local greenway. The birds in the trees happily chirping and singing the sounds of morning.

Jill winds her way along the trail and decides to continue off it for some variety. The damp grass gives way to her every step. Dewdrops soak into her sneakers.

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